About Asian Medical Institute

Asian Medical Institute focuses on providing the best in class education to its students with the best learning environment. It is known for providing low-cost education. Presently, students from over ten countries are studying in Asian medical institute. Every year over 2000 international students apply for their admission to an Asian medical institute. The period for MBBS in the university is of 5 years. The total cost of studying MBBS is between 11-12 lacs. Tuition fees, hostel charges, library charges, and other student’s expenses are included in this amount. Asian Medical Institute has employed highly qualified and honored teaching staff. The teachers are available for the students even after their working hours. This university provides education in the English medium. Asian Medical Institute also conducts extra English classes for weak students. The students who studied from this institute can practice their profession in any part of the world.


Over 2000 students from India are enrolled in the MBBS degree program in Asian Medical Institute. The admission is based on the marks obtained in the 12th standard in physics, chemistry, and biology.





Benefits of MBBS in Asian Medical Institute

  1. Education:

The education standard available at the Asian medical Institute is up to the mark, and there is no need for an individual to worry about anything. The professor available will keep an eye on everything and let an individual understand both practical and theoretical life. They will also let students understand about the things in detail because it let them build up their career more efficiently. The faculty available here is also very amazing, and they will be going to get a quality education. There is no leniency considering education. A student will be able to ask queries anytime. No compromise with the quality of education at all. Most of the faculty know Hindi also because they belong from countries like India, Nepal, Pakistan & Bangladesh. the university also arranges a teacher from India (a teacher who has been teaching in PREPLADDER, MARROW, DAMS, ) for preparation high level for an exam like NMC/MCI, PMC.

  1. Medium of teaching:

There is no need for a student to worry about the medium as well. The medium of teaching is English. A student will be able to learn about the course effectively. There is no need for them to learn any particular language for learning.

  1. Cost of living:

The cost of living is also very less. There is no need for a student to feel like the accommodation will charge a lot to them. At a very low price, well-equipped accommodation is available.

  1. Tuition fees:

The tuition fee is comparatively less as compared to other countries. When a student is coming for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, he will be able to be a part of it at the affordable as well.

  1. Scholarship:

For all the meritorious students, scholarship programs are also available. They just need to fulfill the criteria. After it, they will be able to be part of a scholarship as well.

Faculties and ranking:

The faculties available here are:

  1. The Asian Medical Institute has the following faculties: 

    S.NO.Name of Faculty
    1Faculty of general medicine
    2Faculty of dentistry
    3Faculty of preparatory courses
    4Faculty of nursing
  2. country RankWorld Rank

Indian mess facility:

Indian mess facility is also very amazing at Asian Medical Institute.

  1. The campus focuses on every student available here.
  2. Usually, Indian students find it difficult to adjust to different food habits.  For them, particular mess facilities are available.
  3. This will let them adjust here adequately. There will be nothing that can let them face any issue.
  4. The Indian students pursuing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan get Indian food in the university hostel mess.

  5. In the Asian medical institute, the hostels have employed chefs who can make Indian food.

  6. The university delivers students with both veg and non-veg food and also it has its own sports complex. It has several sports games, and coaches are available for the players.

    MBBS in Kyrgyzstan is the surpassed option for the students who want to do MBBS. The country provides high-quality education to the students.

Indian hostel facility:

The Indian hostel facility at Asian Medical Institute is also available. if a student is here for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, they will get:-

  1. The best part about the hostel facility is an Indian warden is available who will help them at every step.
  2. Emergency doctors are available that will help them to figure out if there is any issue arising.
  3. Security is also very advanced, and parents will be going to know when their child is entering the campus and when he is leaving the campus.
  4. Apart from this, Asian Medical Institute has separate hostels for both boys and girls.
  5. This university has a separate hostel for Indian students. Each hostel room can have three students.
  6. The rooms are well furnished and have attached washrooms and kitchen.
  7. These hostels are provided with 24 hours available internet facility.
  8. Hostels are well equipped with all the latest technology. The hostel premises are safe and protected by security officials.

Documents Required For Admission Process


Following documents must be submitted at the time of the MBBS admission process at Asian Medical Institute:

  • Applicants must submit a properly filled & signed application form with correct details.
  • Undertaking form provided by the university.
  • A candidate must always have a valid Passport for admission to other countries.
  • Submit the passing certificate from the previous institution.
  • The students must carry notarized and attested copies of submitted academic certificates for taking admission in MBBS.
  • The candidate should carry a caste certificate for admission.
  • Recent passport size photographs are required during the admission procedure.
  • The candidates must have NEET examination results and admit card at the time of MBBS course admission.
  • Submit the 10+12 mark sheets for MBBS admission.
  • The students must carry a birth certificate during medicine admission time.
  • The students need to give a medical report along with an HIV test report.
  • The students must submit COVID-19 reports for MBBS for admission.

Fee Structure for Session 2020-2021

1st year Full Package

          1 USD = 72 RUPEES /INR

USD $ 6500

INR 4,68,000

3rd Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

4th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

5th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

6th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

7th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

8th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

9th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

10th Semester

USD 1485

INR 1,06,920

Grand Total From 1-5 year

USD = 21,350

INR = 15,37,200


Mess fee per year     =USD 1000             

Mess is compulsory till 2nd year                                             =INR 72000


*those students who want to stay in flats and home there, BPEC will help to shift according to your satisfaction.

# NOTE #

प्रिय अविभावक और प्यारे छात्रों,
वे छात्र जो ब्लू पेन एजुकेशन कंसल्टेंट के अधिकृत व्यक्ति के माध्यम से प्रवेश प्राप्त कर रहे हैं, उन्हें सूचित किया जाता है कि उनके दस्तावेज जमा करने के बाद उनका नाम और प्रवेश स्थिति हमारी वेबसाइट पर 7 घंटे के भीतर अपडेट कर दी जाएगी या आप हमारे आधिकारिक नंबर पर कॉल करके अपनी प्रवेश स्थिति की जांच कर सकते हैं।         


Dear Parents/Students, those students who are getting admission through Blue Pen Education Consultant authorized person after submitting documents to them your name and admission status will be updated on our website within 7 hrs OR   you may call to our official number to check your admission status. 



प्रिय पालकांनो / विद्यार्थ्यांनो, ज्या विद्यार्थ्यांना ब्लू पेन एज्युकेशन कन्सल्टंटच्या माध्यमातून अधिकृत प्रवेश मिळाला आहे त्यांना कागदपत्रे सादर केल्यानंतर आपले नाव व प्रवेश स्थिती 7 वाजताच्या आत आमच्या वेबसाइटवर अद्यतनित केली जाईल किंवा आपली प्रवेश स्थिती तपासण्यासाठी आपण आमच्या अधिकृत क्रमांकावर कॉल करू शकता

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